How to Acquire a Treasure Chest of Proven New Bodyweight Training Secrets to Level Up Your Strength and Power

True strength is a lot like the legal definition of obscenity: You know it when you see it.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you sit back and say, Damn. In that category reside feats like a triple-bodyweight deadlift or putting a weight that most people can’t even lift overhead.

You know what else is in that realm of jaw-dropping badassery? Insane feats of strength using bodyweight alone.

I’m talking one-armed chin-ups, full planches, back levers on rings, weighted muscle-ups, pinch pull-ups, handstand pushups, and the human flag on a pole.

Besides the automatic respect you garner by performing these feats, there is also a complete freedom to train anywhere, anytime — the only thing you’re truly dependent on is your own body. It’s just you, testing yourself, with no external factors. There is a simple beauty to these movements that can’t be replicated any other way.

There you have it: Badassery. Respect. Freedom. Beauty.


When someone smoothly levitates their body into a remarkable position jaws drop because everyone around instantly understands how difficult it is. Weights are impossible for people to understand and put into a perspective. Your mother doesn’t know that a 500lb deadlift is difficult but a 700lb deadlift is nearly impossible. But if you show her a strict muscle-up, she’ll know what you’ve done is impressive.

You have the opportunity to learn the training skills you need to reach this elite level in a weekend workshop that’s normally offered for $2,100. Now, we’re going to offer it at just a sliver of that price, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s talk about who should and shouldn’t sign up.

Total Bodyweight Strength is ONLY for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to transmit the most effective training information to your clients (once you learn to teach these movements, you will find the skills transfer to many other movements)
  • Significantly increase your training income (more knowledge = more clients)
  • Level up your own performance (walk the walk)
  • Add greater value to your training products and offerings (guaranteed results)
  • Increase your own levels of power, strength, conditioning and physical resilience (watch your traditional lifts skyrocket as you improve your skills in this arena)

If you want to learn the secrets of one of the most freakishly strong men on earth, unlock the secrets of comic-book levels of strength, obtain a steady stream of new training clients and get the ripped physique of elite gymnasts and strength performers, this might be the most important workshop you will ever attend.

Triple Your Progress By Taking The Training Shortcuts Of The Best

I’ve got a bead on what you want. You’re already strong. But I know you want to be stronger. You want to be more capable, more flexible, and more impressive. I bet sometimes you wish you could fast-forward five years to see the results of your training.

What if you could fast-forward your progress —in real time? It can be done, but you’ve got to do a couple things exactly right. One of them is picking the right people to listen to, and this workshop is a no-brainer, thanks to the caliber of coaching alone.

one arm handstand pushup alcatraz

On Location at Alcatraz

Max Shank is a Master RKC Instructor. He is a Beast Tamer (this means he can press a 106-pound kettlebell, perform a pull-up with it around his waist, and do a pistol holding it in front of him). He is also one of the featured athletes on the Convict Conditioning DVD set, a product that provides a selection of bodyweight bests. He constantly experiments with his own training to achieve the best possible strength gains, and you will directly benefit from his experience. His teaching has been so well received that Dragon Door tapped him to lead its very first Bodyweight Training Seminar in 2011 (this is the workshop people paid $2,100 to attend).

Shank is one of the most impressive and accomplished trainers you will find anywhere, and that’s because he’s on the fast-forward plan. Max has acquired wisdom and training knowledge far beyond his age by surrounding himself and learning from the best. Max has done the hard work for you and knows exactly which wrong turns he took with wasted time. Take advantage of what he’s learned to take shortcuts in your training and make progress faster.

Max is offering all of the knowledge he has gathered from his training and experience in a full-day seminar. But you need to get in on it now — spots are limited, and they’ll fill up fast.

Does this describe you? Then you might want to read on:

Does pressing fast-forward on training gains appeal to you? Read on to find out the skills you will learn in this workshop.

  • Lay a foundation of intelligent strength that you can build upon in an exceptionally safe manner.
  • Greatly enhance your proprioception by learning to coordinate your body through space; this will provide shocking improvements in overall athleticism and coordination.
  • Unlock the secret of body position to improve your max kettlebell press.
  • Discover the untapped potential of pushups — 90% of strength athletes are doing these wrong, wrong, wrong!
  • Bust through pull-up plateaus — certain tricks for manipulating leverage lead to perpetual progress and avoiding injury.
  • Learn how to do a one-armed chin-up.
  • Change the grip and hand placement of certain exercises for increased strength and postural benefits.
  • Master handbalancing and experience the awesome combination of the freedom of training anywhere, along with RIDICULOUS, unparalleled strength benefits.
  • Fit handstands into your already shoulder-intensive training regimen, and find out the best tricks for moving away from the wall.
  • Learn the correct progressions to move from pushup to planche; from row to one-arm chinup; plus, all manner of handstands, front levers and single-leg squats.
  • Learn how to incorporate bridging safely and effectively. Nearly everyone can benefit from this underutilized form of exercise.
  • Grasp the different planes of motion involved in bodyweight training and use them to improve your performance in every lift.
  • Flexibility and strength are not opposing goals — they are two sides of the same coin! Use easy flexibility drills to dramatically improve your strength.
  • You breathe already, of course — but do you truly know how to breathe for performance?
  • Use certain yoga moves to enhance your strength and flexibility.
  • Stretching: Why actively stretching for long periods of time is a bad idea and what you can do that’s better for your body.

Few Athletes In The World Are As Capable as Shank, And Even Fewer Trainers Are

And now you can join his ranks.

“Recently I attended a bodyweight exercise seminar in Minneapolis, MN. Max was one of the 3 instructors for the weekend. From the start Max showed an amazing array of professionalism and athleticism with the ability to teach everything that was being thrown at us. Max was able to not only demonstrate what the particular topic of exercise may have been, but was able to demonstrate it with ease. Right from the start Max made the group feel at ease with his joking, but was able to hold everyone’s attention and respect with his wealth of knowledge. I have been to many fitness education classes/workshops, but this is the first that kept me engaged not only physically, but also mentally and I
think that this is for no other reason than Max’s ability to keep us interested. I was stunned to hear that Max is only 25 years old. He has a bright future ahead of him and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to attend another workshop that he may be presenting. I’d also like to add that even though I am a trainer, sometimes it’s all too easy to lose focus or motivation of our own fitness goals due to various reasons. The three days that I spent with Max as our instructor at this workshop not only gave me the motivation
I needed to continue to progress and accomplish my own goals, but has helped shed some new light on why I’m in this business in the first place, to help others. Max, whether he meant to or not, has helped me find my motivation again and has helped rejuvenate my interest in this ever evolving word we call “Fitness”. Thanks again Max.”

- Ray Chapman

“It was both an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Max Shank today. He has vastly expanded my knowledge of bodyweight training and has provided me with a wealth of information regarding exercises I can do in the limited space of my college dorm. I am very grateful for this opportunity and extremely please with the results already.”

- Nicole Ross

“I enjoyed the class. Max gave great insight on ways to set up a good lifting program that targets all areas of athleticism while being functional and sustainable. His tips on body movement were simple and efficient. He offered good progressions on how to develop yourself up into the maximum level of difficulty. He is very knowledgeable and I recommend him to anyone in the personal training field.”

- Ben Jones

“An excellent seminar, period. The knowledge shared showed Mr Shank’s deep understanding of exercise and health. I loved the physiology explained through each movement and concepts. A very worthwhile investment.”

- James Foody

“The bodyweight training seminar really answered all of my questions, offering unlimited amounts of progressions and regressions for working on bodyweight skills. It was simple, offering practical solutions for problems you my face with clients. I had a blast and I cannot wait to go back to my gym and play!”

- Ashleigh Kast

“I think the entire seminar was fantastic. The isometric stuff was mind blowing and I was vastly impressed with how quickly flexibility increased. I also think a lot of the stuff done here today was really cool, like the handstand work and the variations of pull-ups. Look forward to next time!”

- Spencer Ross

“Excellent presentation of bodyweight training concepts. Learning regressions and progressions will help me and my clients with their training leaps and bounds. I would recommend this course to any trainer/coach.”

- Nick Pahountis

“It gave me a whole new outlook on strength training and what it means to be strong.”

- Eugene Asimou

Bear in mind: This particular workshop may never be repeated…. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, we recommend you register while spots are still available, and while the price is 1/7th the price you’d normally pay for this seminar.

Still not sure? Head over and grab a free copy of my Free Muscle Up Guide and Video Tutorial to get a taste of what you’re going to get at this workshop.

You have exactly one opportunity to learn these bodyweight secrets from Max Shank.

Bodyweight Exercise Workshop

When: Dec 7th, 2014

Who: Max Shank

Where:  Revolutionary Fitness
               8600 Pan American Fwy NE Suite #B
               Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113

Cost: $499 Early Bird Discount only $299!